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*Add a little bit of, SPICE*

35+ Layers to use in your photography for some added magic 

Compatible with Mac OS systems (not Windows compatible)


*Layers will download in folder, and are large .JPG files



(eight layers of differently lit snow for realistic snow in photos)






(gold and silver/mixed)



(screen/bubble wrap)


***Extra bokeh layers included***




Camera Magic Overlays

  • *All files come in large .JPG format and may not be reproduced, sold, or redistributed. 


    *The best method to use these layers is:

    Take chosen photo into Photoshop > apply the new layer (drag and drop)> change layer to "screen"

    *Layers are fun to experiment with and not every layer will fit every photo. Try seeing how different glitters,textures, snow, and stars look as you move around the layer, adjust the blur, etc. I often double up my magic layers, use my eraser tool in certain areas, and change the blur depending on the photo. 


    *These are non-refundable since they are a digital download. If there are any issues with your download or files, PLEASE do reach out to me and I will get back to you asap. I use these in all of my own work often, so I am really excited to share them with everyone! Thank you so much for supporting my small business and I really do hope you have fun with these!

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