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**Mac and Lr compatible. If you use Windows you may run into an issue with unzipping the folder**


These 13 presets were created for adding a cinematic and nostalgic aesthetic to your photographs with a few easy clicks!


*Just added* State Fair I and II are my new nostalgic go-to preset that mixes what I love about Margot and the Clean Edit Cinema preset. It will give your photos a soft and warm "dusted with nostalgia" look. I love using this preset on busy/intricate scenery (inside shops or at the fair) and with environmental portraiture. 

They are reminescent of vintage street photography. 


The Margot I, Margot II, and Holly palettes are great for landscape, travel, stylized portraits, and architecture. The color palettes from Margot are reminiscent of 60-70s cinema and photography.



The Clementine and Satine palettes are based on Parisian street color palettes and the vibrancy of the characters they are named after, and are fabulous for family photography, portraits, lifestyle, and travel.

Satine is imbued with romantic warm peach tones whereas Clementine has punchier colors. 


The Sofia palette is great for portraits and travel, and have cooler romantic regency tones that work well with both people and warm toned environments.



The Josephine palette is best for a classic cinema look, if you'd like to keep those darks and keep a higher level of contrast in your photographs, while keeping a more matte film look.  


Evelyn I and II are both a B&W palette for a more dramatic noir cinema look, with lovely grain.



Clean Edit Cinema is a palette that captures that cinema look, with less dramatic changes added to your photographs. 



* .XMP digital, LR preset file download for RAW photographs in Adobe Color Profile


* Presets are non-refundable (please keep in mind some presets need a wee bit of tweaking depending on the light and landscape. These run warm because I built them off of my own environment and situations in Alaska and you may need to tweak WB.) 

The Cinematic Palette

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