(Inspired) Anne With An E Photoshoot

Well, it's winter in Alaska (and deep into Covid culture). I decided to follow my heart, end my ennui, and create photos that were made just for the sake of fun. My daughter Daisy's favorite show is Anne With An E, and I thought it would be lovely to create portraits based around Anne as a general theme. I incorporate our rabbit and vintage books from around our house to make the photoshoot more "personal". I love to feel inspired by a film or book and take themes and ideas from those sources, and shape them until they reflect my own self and family. I try to stray from being "too obvious" or on-the-nose with my interpretations. I wanted to stick with a semi monochromatic theme with green, since green represents rebirth and spring, and nature is super important to Anne. Lastly, I bought some simple daisies from the store and pulled the petals off and had my son toss them down above my daughter Daisy. Actually the first photo was Daisy's idea and she stuck daisies in her hair and posed this way. I love letting kids lead the way in photoshoots and infuse their personalities into images. Don't get too wrapped up in your own idea of the final project, and be flexible! I let my kids totally reshape a series and it usually turns out BETTER than I could have planned for. If your kids are having fun and enjoying the portraits, it shows in your work.