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But... What do I even wear?

 *Click on the Pinterest button below for some ideas!*

Tip 1: This one is for all my ladies out there.Think gorgeous, flowy, neutrals! Maxi dresses are exceptionally dramatic and romantic in photographs, so those are your best catch all. Plus side? You don't have to wear pants. Or go with a snuggly sweater and comfortable worn-in jeans. You want to feel your BEST.

Tip 2: Start with the woman's outfit and build the other outfits OFF of the chosen favorite outfit. 

Tip 3: Try it on. Spin in a circle. Do a high kick in your outfit and wink at yourself in the mirror. Do you feel great and spunky and BEAUTIFUL in it? *perfect*

Tip 4: DO play with textures. I am a big fan of faux fur, wood, shiny bangles, sequins, woolen goods, cool antique hats, buttons, etc. Maybe pick two textures YOU love and add them into the family's photo outfits. Make this outfit just scream "THIS IS WHO I AM!". Be an individual with your style and don't get too obsessed with Pinterest. It's a great starting place, but just DO YOU. Keep fun trendy items as accessories; think of the word "TIMELESS" when you create the outfits too ;)

Tip 5: Also, play with color. It's always fun to bring props like blankets, coffee mugs, jewelry, or shoes that have a POP of color. I had a bride wear green shoes during her wedding and it just made her whole outfit more timeless and interesting. Everyone commented on her shoes, and it brought a lot to the photos. 

Tip 6: Just leave the logos at home. A logo can just take attention away from the focus of the photograph. It's a real deal. I have about four Jurassic Park logo tees, so I feel ya. 

Tip 7: Shoes are probably super important, especially in Alaska. Find something warm and comfortable and keep weather in mind. Walking through snow in heels is probably not a great plan. My go-to fancy shoes here are cute winter boots or my Swedish  heeled clogs. 

Tip 8: For the love of all that is holy, don't wear matching everything. That's just my opinion. If you really want to, we can arm wrestle over it. 

Tip 9: For Alaska, bring a NICE, HUGE, WARM coat you can throw over yourself in the winter months in between shots. 

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