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About Me

I am Lindsay Saunders, the lady behind Forest + Field Photography! I was born and raised in Alaska. I have three amazingly great kids that I constantly spy on with my camera (I swear they will appreciate it someday). I am an artist/illustrator and history teacher and I blame both of these passions for my obsession with crafting a story through my lens. I love the outdoors and traveling, and I try to incorporate the outdoors into my photos as much as possible. Weather up here in the north is HARSH, so sometimes I have to get extra creative and push myself a little bit harder to get those images I want. I love and adore natural light, sun flare, and candid moments in photos. Just for fun, and because you can tell a lot about a person by what they carry around, here are a few things I always have in my bag besides my camera: a tiny pocket version of Great Expectations, a bottle of hot sauce (seriously, not just a Beyonce reference here), and treasures my kids find on the ground. I look forward to telling your story!

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