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**Mac and Lr compatible. If you use Windows you may run into an issue with unzipping the folder**

** .XMP digital, LR preset file download for RAW photographs in Adobe Color Profile

** Presets are non-refundable (please keep in mind some presets need a wee bit of tweaking depending on the light and landscape. These run warm because I built them off of my own environment and situations in Alaska and you may need to tweak WB.) 

These presets were inspired by the characters from my favorite book, Little Women, and also the seasons of the year. These 13 presets were created for adding a classic nostalgic aesthetic to your photographs with a few easy clicks! 



Moody and a bit gritty but bold in color and life, just like Jo. 

I love using this preset for moodier, darker indoor photos and for outdoor photos in the summer. 



Absolutely the sister to Jo, this preset is much like Jospehine but with stronger blues. I was inspired by Meg's forget-me-not blue dress from the film. I love using this preset for my garden photos. 



A bit more subdued and gentle, I made this photo for winter portraits. This preset is cooler and brighter. I use this for outdoor winter portraits or brighter indoor portraits. 



This preset is a bit more artistic and romantic, just like Amy. This preset was made with nostalgic, romantic, and warm floral portraits in mind. 



Marmee is warm and definitely nostlagic. With highlights and brights toned down, this preset is more comforting and familiar. I like to use this preset for colorful indoor portraits that are a bit reminiscent of 90s film shots. 


Orchard House:

Summer: Stronger greens and brighter. 

Autumn: Moodier with darker oranges, definitely great for autumn photos. 

Winter: Warmed up to counter the blue snow but also brighter. 

Winter blue hour: Developed for specifically winter time blue hour. 



My obsession with 19th ce. tintype photos and ethereal b&w photos comes through with this preset. One of my favorites to use!

The Little Women Palette

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